About Me

My Journey

This personal journey into photography, videography and the creative field started from a very young age. I was lucky to be born into a family interested in the arts; as this helped nurture my interest. I remember myself with a Minox 35mm camera shooting whatever would interest me. My father’s love for photography as well as his vast knowledge in the field created a rich environment for inspiration which helped me develop as a photographer, in my formative years. From video’s/film’s perspective, my brothers and I explored the world of “movie-making” (from a young age), as we used to gather with an old VHS camera, later a high-8 and a Sony MiniDV to make amateur short films covering various genres and plots.

Later as the focus had to shift on school and other studies I set this passion of mine aside. It was not until later - in my early to mid-twenties - that my passion resurfaced and started to develop further. So in 2004, as a false beginner, I joined the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete (which my father has been a member and an instructor for many decades) in order to brush up my knowledge. There I got introduced to national and international photography competitions and I started sending my first works, which received numerous distinctions. This brought attention from the press and my work was time and again featured in magazines, various sites, blogs, radio and TV. This attention, although welcomed – as one has to circulate new work – had also a separate dimension, as sometimes a message might be misinterpreted during an interview and the end article can be different than expected. Nevertheless, my interest to explore the medium even further was all the more present.

So, after working on some projects and testing myself in various photography and video/film related fields, I decided to pursue it even more and applied to a couple of institutions for a Master’s degree. I received a scholarship to study a Master of Arts in Photography from UCA (University for the Creative Arts, Rochester, UK) for which I received a distinction for my submitted works, which were ranging from images, video art, video performance and installations as part of my exploring fields. Since my graduation I have been working as a freelancer in photography and video, while trying to fit my art concerns into projects. Apart from the documentary characteristic of photography and video which I like to explore, I do put a considerable amount of research and attention into other fields in order to express an idea. My non-documentary work traditionally revolves around carefully staged photographs which are constructed bearing in mind their storytelling aspect, while usually focusing on social and work issues.

From 2014-2018, I was teaching directing lessons – free of charge – in the Cinematographers’ club of the University of Crete as well as photography lessons in a public vocational institute in Heraklion. Nowadays, I am preparing a set of educational materials which will be available in the form of lessons, courses and workshops. If you would like to stay updated with news regarding my work, exhibitions, lessons or workshops you can subscribe to my newsletter. My intention is not to send spam or frequent emails; rather I would communicate when I have something important I would like to share related to my artistic endeavors.   Thanks for the visit!