What is a workplace


What is a workplace?


Project Statement

The project attempts to challenge the notion of the workplace. What constitutes the workplace? Does it have to be a brick and mortar shop? Does it require equipment? Does it require the presence of products? What is the impact on a person of the acceptance of the working conditions and the state of the workplace? These are questions that the viewer is urged to think upon.
Ιt is important to re-examine one’s stereotypes and make a self-evaluation on the elements that constitute the workplace.
During my encounters with street vendors/workers I received mostly expected responses on what they feel in regards to their workplace. Some said that they worked hard – or even got a loan – in order to own the few equipment they have in order to work, others had simply inherited the family business, for a few it was a joint venture with friends and the majority were employees working a shift in order to make a living. However, the most interesting answers came from people whose work was mobile. They said that it gives them a sense of freedom to be able to take their portable set-up and have no restrictions on where they go. In fact, some confessed in feeling a certain level of happiness because of this.
The project is a visual journey – of my initial visits to India – and attempts to document the working conditions by focusing on how people work, their behaviour during work, the state of their shops and the surroundings, while urging the viewer to carefully study the particularities (of the images) as they may hold important information in order for them to construct their own narrative.